If You wish to make a donation by cheque, please, make it payable to Chernobyl Aid Ireland Ltd.
And post to : Chernobyl Aid Ireland, 14 The Drive, Fairfield Park, Waterford.
If you are an Irish PAYE tax payer – Chernobyl Aid Ireland can claim back 20 or 41% on top of the donated amount from the Revenue Commissioners. All you have to do is to fill in and submit back to us CHY2 form. After getting this form from you we can claim back the tax that you have already paid on your donation. The CHY2 form can be downloaded from the Revenue website. Click HERE to get the CHY2 form from the Irish Revenue web site .
If you want to do the regular donations, then Standing Order is for you

Clothes Donation

 Chernobyl Aid Ireland are now doing door to door clothing collections .
Donate all your unwanted clothing , bed linen, curtain, blanket,coats,shoes,baby clothes and bric-a-brac. We will sort them and send the best to Belarus.
We will sell on the remainder for recycling which in turn pays for the transport of the clothing to Belarus.
N.B NO DUVETS , please as they are to bulky to transport and cannot be recycled easily.
Beware of bogus collectors.Our drivers carry Chernobyl Aid Ireland ID.
For information on our collections please call our office on 051-844476 or email
Our office opening hours are Monday-Friday 10.00a.m till 5.00p.m