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1) If we would like to host Chernobyl Child? If you would like to host the child from Belarus, you should send your request to our Children’s Coordinator by post to: Chernobyl Aid Ireland, 14 The Drive, Fairfield Park, Waterford or send an e-mail to:

2) How long do the children stay for? The children come to Ireland twice a year – for 3 weeks at Christmas time and for 1 month or 2 months in the summer

3) Can we host one child only? Yes, you can. It’s entirely up to the host family to decide whether you would like to take one or two children.

4) Do they speak English? Most of the children won’t be able to speak English but some of them will have a little bit. But judging from the previous experience it doesn’t prove to be a big problem.

5) Who covers the expenses for their visit? The Host Family will cover the insurance and all the travelling and living expenses for the child.

6) Do we need to get any clearance? According to the Intergovernmental Agreement between Ireland and Belarus, the host family and all other adults residing in the accommodation to be used for the host visit have to get the clearance and undergo vetting procedures with An Garda Siochana prior to taking the children. The vetting forms can be requested from our Children’s Coordinator.

7) Do the children come to Ireland alone? No, all the children are accompanied by the interpreters and a representative of the orphanage. So the interpreter would have to stay with each host family for few days.

8) Where are the children coming from? We take children from different orphanages, fostering families and from the families with poor backgrounds.

9) Can we host the same child twice? You can host the same child as many times as you want or you can get a different child. It’s up to the family to decide which way they want it.

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