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  • John Mac (Monday, December 24 12 04:16 pm GMT)

    Good luck with the new site

  • Mary foley (Tuesday, January 03 17 08:45 pm GMT)

    Best of luck with new site keep up the fantastic work ye are all doing

  • Nicky madigan (Tuesday, January 03 17 08:50 pm GMT)

    Massive well done on new website keep up the fantastic work love all the photos

  • Tatsiana Grant (Tsybulskaya) (Tuesday, January 03 17 09:07 pm GMT)

    Thank you CAI for everything! Without you and all volunteers of CAI there would be no GROZOVO and all the kids who graduated wouldn't have such a wonderful opportunity for a greater life! Thank you all! 😍 😘

  • Liam grant (Saturday, January 21 17 08:29 am GMT)

    Looking good

  • Sam (Saturday, January 21 17 06:23 pm GMT)


    Im hoping you can help us on search that my family and I are undertaking. back in 2001/2002 we had two girls from an orphanage in minsk.

    We have searched the address they left with us, searcher their surnames and other random sites we could find.

    is there anything you could suggest to help us on this search, anything would be greatly appreciated.


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